Jaap Scheeren (Nijmegen, 1979). Photographer, father of two, lives and works in Amsterdam. In his own works as well as in commissioned work he tries to stay on the narrow path of reliability. He is focussed on the estrangement and pretty environment and its inhabitants. He made at least five publications; The Black Hole (i.c.w. Anouk Kruithof), Oma Toos, a Slovakian fairytale book called 3 Roses, 9 Ravens, 12 Months and together with Hans Gremmen a research into printing named Fake Flowers in Full Colour. His 10 year overview book was suppose to be a website, but turned out as a book titled Jaap Scheeren Cut Shaving. His most recent effort took years because he was too tired to finish anything and perhaps had a midlife crisis he was unaware off. BUT, is a great photonovel titled Flipping The Bird, a tale about a person wanting to reconnect to nature and natures respond to him. Besides this, he worked on commissions for FOAM magazine, NY Times magazine, Wallpaper, The Guardian, Das Magazin and Hyeres photography and fashion festival among too many others.
Artist statement.
I make work that investigates life and especially the meaning of it. By concealing or misrepresenting the truth, I can make it worthwhile. Don't mistake this attitude for an ignorant one, I am aware of my whereabouts and and am eager to learn, which is the sole reason I am still working in photography.
While absorbing my surroundings, I place myself inside situations and rethink my connection to the presented reality. How can I show the experiences or feelings I connect to, in an image?
Re-enacting or deconstructing is my way to get a grip and to make life seem worthwhile. I don’t believe in a singular truth nor matter of facts. I see the world as a stage where I happen to play a part. I create extra layers to reality, based on memories and experiences.
I look into my subjects from various angles and try to never conclude but to create an opening on which a viewer can anticipate. I follow few principles in my artistic life. The most important is to tell the truth but never believe in it. Some experiences taught me never to trust memories, not even the once you experienced yourself.
My main medium is photography, but I work as a visual artist. Depending on the content I also work in texts, video, installations, sculptures, textiles.
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