I love to work together on assignments so please get in contact. I am also in search for a suiting agent and a gallerist who wants to work with me on our career.  
"Ask me to do what I know or choose to grow."
Clients include Apartamento/ Bloomberg/ Christie's/ DuMagazine/ Financial Times/ Greenpeace/ Julidans/ KesselsKramer/ Liberation/ Marcel Barlag/ Monocle/ Monopol/ NEON/ NRC/ NYTimes/ Parool/ SZ magazine/ The Guardian/ Volkskrant/ Wallpaper/ Vandejong/ Wire/ Wired/ Zeeuws Museum

Dutch fairytale series used for ING bank Netherlands in 50% of their office shown at least 250 cm high, sometimes 650 cm wide
Julidans campaigns 2017-2019 icw VanLennep for Julidans
Corporate identity and campaign images for Zeeuws Museum
For Keeps. For NDSM stichting
photo by emilio moreno
photo by emilio moreno
photo by emilio moreno
photo by emilio moreno
photo by emilio moreno
photo by emilio moreno
photo by emilio moreno
photo by emilio moreno
photo by emilio moreno
photo by emilio moreno
photo by emilio moreno
photo by emilio moreno
photo by emilio moreno
It's like a jungle sometimes. For 400 year dutch/us relations, shown in City Museum NY
 All of a sudden it all made sense. series for FOAM magazine
Foodwaste painting. For OOG, Rijksmuseum magazine
Fete de la musique for Liberation newspaper
Luxury for Kilimanjaro magazine icw Olu Michael Odukoya
Zurich Opera House for DuMagazin icw Lars Willumeit
Rob Scholte, artist, for VK magazine
Amateurs for The Amateurs
Campaign cultural capital Europe icw KesselsKramer for Brabant
Still life based on an old painting about hunting by Prado Peeters. 
Why? Because Volkskrant asked me and I was upset by the harm done to animals. Published in VK and shown in several places.
Rijksmuseum collection. For NRC newspaper
Neanderthal story for NYTimes. Icw Gibraltar museum and Kennis&Kennis Reconstructions
Theo Janssen for NYTimes magazine
Rik, Marieke and Ira for the latter. Image later abused by MOTI museum as poster campaign
What we can learn from animals, hanging around for VK Sir Edmund
Charles Foster interview, living like a badger for VK Sir Edmund
Erwin Wurm for Art Review
Cover opening cultural season VK V magazine

Cover about Drunkeness for VK V magazine
Cover IDFA special for VK V magazine
Cover opening cultural season for VK newspaper
Max Siedentopf at Kesselskramer for VK magazine
The Swamp for Down the rabbit hole festival
Vandejong office images for some obese magazine
Campaign for Amsterdamse Bosfestival. Mole and water nymph were never used because festival stopped. Suit made by Denise Collignon
The new forest is coming. Campaign icw KesselsKramer for Wunderbaum, theater group
Irma Boom, Heerenhuis, BULO, Piet Oudolf, Thijmen&Olivier, Richard Hutten, Studio DRIFT, Max, Scholtens&Baijings, Ted Noten. All for Wallpaper
Nomads, living off grid. VK magazine
Jordan Wolfson for MONOPOL
SON LUX for Liberation newspaper
Harry and Joris for Harris Blondman
De Breek for De Breek promo shoot
Made for an exhibition at GRID photo festival
Ronnie Flex and friend for VK magazine
Cabinets of pleasure for Das Magazin
Corps Parfait for Courier International
Wim Delvoye for Christie's magazine
-What if you do not know how common things work?- for The Correspondent
Bikeshedding for Bloomberg
Tom Trago for Tom Trago
Bruxelles gallerists for Art Review
Interiors for Volkskrant magazine
Scholten/ Baijings for SZ magazine
ROBEY shoes campaign and inshop imagery for Rufus Ketting
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