My latest ongoing works/ projects are not in this website. I try to keep premieres for good moments such as museum or a good gallery show. Please get in contact if you're curious and would like a digital preview or apointment. I am always searching for people to work together with, places to show and ofcourse financial input.
Giant #1, Giant #2 and Giant #3 made icw students during studio visits.
"My House" at MOTI museum show in Breda
In memorium of a friend
My Youth. 
Work in progress. Will pop up in a book in the future. Shown on my website because it got published in VK magazine and
I AM HERE BUT WHY? Ongoing series about the cycle of life
Flowers in red, green and blue icw Veld en Vaas
A chapter from My Life. From a photo novel I find difficult to find the right path in.
Organic Housing
In search for the fourth dimension I found out my shadow was spying on me
Identity crisis #1, #2 and #3
The sun, the moon and the earth discussing their next move. 
Still life of a juggler. icw Niels Duinker
3 Roses, 9 Ravens, 12 Months. Book and print. Biik still available since I forgot to sell it in shops
Magic World. Commission by villa noailles shown at Hyeres photo and fashion festival
Oma Toos. Book by Hans Gremmen. Sold out
THE BLACK HOLE icw Anouk Kruithof, book by Hans Gremmen. Sold out
Loose Works/ sketch material
me adevertising me
me adevertising me
Gassbog'reidn. A bookproject icw Harry Bloch and Benjamin Aas
Unhurrying. My graduation project from 2003 at St. Joost Breda. Searching for my voice and method.
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