Reviews of the students. 
"We got to Jaap Scheerens studio at 9 in the morning. We were warmly greeted with tea, coffee and a small tour around his space. After 20 minutes of settling in he gave us an assignment for a group photo: We had to make a giant out of our bodies by positioning ourselves as a human and wrapping us in aluminium foil. We worked together with Jaap on this and he made a photo of us. It felt very welcoming and down to earth, also to work with him. The hierarki did not exist it was just very equal and fun to meet him and get an insight in this fun part of his praxis. After the group photo we sat down and saw his portfolio. From his own praxis to commissioned work. What stroke me was that his visual voice was clear in everything he showed. It felt like he really had a good gut feeling and trusted himself in the meaning of what he wanted to create - it was a very inspiring meeting. What I liked so much about this especially was the equality. Even when he talked about himself and his work, we sat around a small table together, eye to eye with him. It was a good way to do it I think, because it felt safe and comfortable to be there."
"The visit at Jaap Scheeren's studio began in the early morning. We were all still sleepy but Jaap knew how to wake us up - inviting us to a morning coffee and making us build a giant figure out of all of us bt wrapping each other in aluminum foil. It was a fun experience which made all of us happy and ready to listen for a few hours to his presentation. Though it was quite long, it was still very interesting as he spoke of his works in a chronological order and we could see the change and the process of growing. He definitely inspired me to create whatever I want and not be afraid of it. I am not sure if I have the guts yet to do so but I definitely have the motivation."

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